Who are the people behind Safe Island?
Elly Ruge is an Islander through and through. As a current, part-time resident of Safe Island, Elly has decades of success as a small business owner, is passionate about supporting local and is an avid green-living enthusiast. Having previously established an off-grid, island settlement in the Caribbean, Elly is familiar with what’s required to create a welcoming and cohesive community-within-a-community that is in keeping with the values of the Island’s long-time residents. Elly is supported by a partnership of professionals, Island residents and off-grid enthusiasts who look forward to meeting you!
Is Safe Island its own Island?
Safe Island is a community-within-a-community located on 160+ acres of pristine land on Lasqueti Island just off of Central Vancouver Island’s East Coast. The actual Island is already home to a small, well established community of residents who value off-grid, coastal living.
Is the Island truly a safe place?
There are no predators or venomous species on the Island. The community is self-policed, and the crime-rate is virtually non-existent. The Islanders are a tight-knit bunch who look out for one another and resident children are safe to roam freely and enjoy being kids in the great outdoors!
Where can I find specific information about the location and available lots?
At Safe Island, we are dedicated to building a community of individuals who share similar values – both with one another, and with the close-knit group of unique Islanders that already call this special place home. Out of respect for its current residents and their privacy, we are reserving specific location information for interested parties who proceed through the Expression of Interest process.
What infrastructure exists on Safe Island?
In short, very little. Public access to and from the Island is by passenger ferry only, roads are unpaved and there is no public transport. In keeping with off-grid living, there is no electricity on the island; residents live without or run with alternative energy sources like solar panel technology. For most households, water supply is by way rain-water collection in cisterns, shallow wells, or open ponds in conjunction with self-maintained filtration systems. There is a great little solar powered school house on the Island that some children attend, while other families opt for home-schooling or a combination of the two. There is a small medical centre with a part-time nurse, additional medical and dental services can be accessed on Vancouver Island, just a short ferry ride away. The Island does have a fantastic free store, a small hotel and pub, a lovely little coffee shop and the worlds smallest (unofficial) post office!
How does the Island manage waste?
There is a small recycling centre on the Island and Islanders are very proactive in reducing waste and re-purposing items wherever possible. Similarly, the Island does not have a central sewer system, so residents most commonly build small natural septic fields or composting toilets to manage human waste. It’s a dirty job, but we’ve all gotta do it!
What amenities are available to Safe Island residents?
Resident Members of the Safe Island Community will have access to a host of shared amenities including e-bikes, kayaks, 2 heavy-duty pickup trucks, a portable sawmill, sailboat, designated moorage, a tool library and more. There is also a power boat available for use to and from the Island for emergencies or recreational use when the passenger ferry schedule cannot accommodate.
Is there internet service available?
We understand that while off-grid living is a specific lifestyle, many still want to maintain some connection to “outside world”. Resident Members of the Safe Island Community will have access to high-speed internet, Netflix and Amazon Prime. There is also reasonable cell phone coverage throughout much of the Island.
Off-grid is great, but what about caffeine and booze!??
The Island has a great little pub which is part of the Island’s 8-room hotel. Just across the way from the pub and hotel is a fantastic little cafe with the best coffee on the Island… unless you decide to grow and roast your own!
How do I know if Safe Island is the right place for me?
If you identify as either a Survivalist or a Homesteader, and if you are a self-sufficient person with experience and knowledge of off-grid living, then Safe Island might be a great fit for you. If, however, you have a need for shopping, Starbucks, pizza delivery and frequent nights at the theatre, you’ve come to the wrong place! As you proceed through the Expression of Interest process, there will be ample opportunity to learn more about the Safe Island Community and get to know its members. Whether you make the leap or decide that this off-grid location is not for you, we’ll support you as best we can in your decision making.
I have more questions!!
Thank you for your interest in Safe Island. If you have questions that have not been answered on our FAQ page, or if you’d simply like to connect with us before completing your Expression of Interest, please send us an email through our Contact Page.