Welcome to Safe Island, an emerging off-grid community located on Lasqueti Island, BC.

Lasqueti Island is nestled in the Strait of Georgia off the East Coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. A passenger-only ferry connects the island to the community of French Creek, near Parksville. Residents also travel to and from the island by private boats and float plane. The island is approximately 12 miles long and 3 miles wide, the same size and shape as Manhattan.

Lasqueti is one of the few communities along BC’s South East Coast that is not connected to a government regulated power authority. Residents utilize solar energy to power their homes and some, even go without!

The Island’s residents are comprised of poets, artists, physicians, fishermen, loggers, horticulturists, professional musicians, published authors, small-scale manufacturers, commercial agriculturists and mariculturists. There are also professional consultants in education, engineering, forestry and alternative energy. This uniquely accomplished group individuals, make up the most highly educated community in British Columbia, according to Statistics Canada.


Safe Island, a community-within-a-community

An opportunity now exists to secure one of only seventeen 10 acre sites of undeveloped land in the Safe Island community on Lasqueti Island.

Start a small hobby farm, homestead or set up your dream artisan studio. Build a yurt or log home as a place to retire, or maybe you want to purchase land simply to preserve a piece of the natural, coastal ecology? There are a variety of unique possibilities, provided it’s in keeping within the off-grid values of the Safe Island community and also falls within the land use parameters as defined by Islands Trust.

Need a hand getting started? Ask us about starter packages for your very own cabin or luxury yurt!

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Two sites are available for resale
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Prepare for Tomorrow

The future has never been more uncertain.  Few places in the world remain unaffected by the issues impacting our way of life.  Climate change, political and civil unrest, soaring crime rates, increased cost of living, compromised food security, declining mental and physical health, addiction and drug dependency, global pandemics – the list goes on.  If these are some of the threats leaving you concerned for your future, know that there is hope. 

Live for Today

Now, more than ever, society longs for connection.  We are working harder, spending more and still left wanting.  Social media has replaced meaningful in-person interaction.  Supermarkets filled with processed foods leave us unsatiated. Watching nature documentaries has become more popular than actually experiencing nature.  But what if there was a special place where you and your loved ones could reconnect with each other and the natural world?